Monday, February 8, 2010

My Thoughts

When reading the article, I was drawn to the points that were made by the author. I have always had the mentality that every child should and could be educated. Despite their background or socioeconomic situation, every child should have a quality education. After all, education is the key to the future of today's child, and without life could be very difficult for them. Technology is changing everyday, and it is up to us as educators to teach students as well as their parents about technology. Technology is the forerunner in today's world, and in order for us as people to stay ahead, we have to adapt with the changes that technology bring us. As the world turns, technology will continue to become greater and we as people need to change with it.
Technology can be used in so many different forms in the classroom. As an one time educator, I feel that if technology is used with all students and not those who are just special needs, it would be a better benefit. Special needs students go through so much mentally, and to be singled out like that with special technology gives them an unfair advantage. So, I feel that implenting technolgy with all students gives them all a fair advantage to be on the same level.

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