Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When looking at e-portfolio, people can have many different ideals when using it. The article broke down so many points about student centered, competence oriented, cyclical with regard to action and reflection, and multimedia-oriented. One thing that fascinates me about e-portfolio is being able to have complete control over the work. Student centered plays a big role in the portfolio process. The student decides what goes into it, and the student takes complete control of the portfolio, whether it's good or bad. The competence oriented aspect gives the student a chance to show their strong and weak points. The student has to know what to put in the portfolio, and by students trying different things, they would find out what works for them. Action and reflection causes a student to take action and then reflect on what they have done. This process allows the student to reflect on their weakness while improving on it at the same time. The last point would be being multimedia-oriented, which means being able to use other resources such as drawings and photographs. Students have to give an adequate amount of time to this task because of how the media plays a part in the process. So, overall each student has to take time to make sure that each part of the process is organized.


Reflection on Video
I feel that the video was very informative because it helps people who has no knowledge of the portfolio. This video also catches the attention of younger audiences, which makes the ideal of portfolio more interesting. It is important to understand a portfolio because it could be used with the student's interest. The video shows that people could use animation as well as bring the seriousness of education. The overall view of the portfolio is to make it become your own, and to add information as time goes on.

Can an e-portfolio help high school students become more organized?


  1. I agree with creating an education system based around competency infused curriculum. When a student has a stronger, clearer view of what will be required of them in the "working world," they will be able to tailor their strengths to suit their profession at a younger age.

  2. I agree that this education system will benefit many students. It gives them the opportunity to express their knowledge that is within, and it allows for independent decision making, which is a great tool to possess in the long-run. Knowledge is power and learning new information during high school will give them advantage over their competitors in college and the job market.