Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Summary on Youth, Privacy, and Social Networking Technologies

When reading the article, one can conquer that technology is a very exciting tool but also a dangerous tool. The law makers knew that the Internet would evolve into something that would be wide open to the world. As the article stated, simple games such as Internet poker caused many problems, due to the wide range of exposure people had to make connections to each other. Life as we know it changes daily, and the Internet can be as harmful as a baby with a loaded pistol. The Internet can falsify so much information about a person. It is important for people to know what they are getting into before they put themselves out there. Government tried to put a restraint on hazardous people, but the Supreme Court overruled the law by saying it was unconstitutional because of the First Amendment rights. The Internet has grown into such a huge place full of different people, and it sends off an intoxicating image that could be abused by these people. Social networking can be a great thing as well, but there once again people abuse the privilege of technology. The article provided examples that proved that people have used every dirty trick in the book to manipulate people. Examples included people posing as someone else to trick innocent people into meeting them or other conniving acts. By reading this article, it is important for people to educate their children as well as themselves about Internet fraud, privacy, and other social networks that could be hazardous.

Reflections to Video
When looking at the video, it relates to the article because both are dealing with privacy. The video asks a question, How Safe are We on the Internet. When we pay our bills online, are we giving that hacker information about us that would allow him to commit Internet fraud. The video provided ways we as people can protect ourselves, and not falling for the antics of hackers provides people with the knowledge of knowing what and what not to do. It is very important to understand the ends and outs of the Internet, and as it changes, we as people should educate ourselves by knowing what is out there in cyberspace.

How can we as people control Internet fraud and the invasion of privacy?


  1. I found the video very informative. Before we can be safe online and protect our students, I believe we have to become informed. Videos such as this one are very helpful.

  2. I am concerned about the same thing. Technology is advancing so fast. A lot of parents are not familiar with how to work computers. I think we need to have training workshops for students as well as parents that would show them how to be safe online.